Baccarat Variations That You Must Try On Your Next Visit To Casinos

Multiple variations have now emerged in the traditional table game of Baccarat that even the most experienced gamblers could not predict. Different countries and geographical regions have their own set of rules for playing baccarat.

Even if you have visited the 카지노 a thousand times before, you can always find a new variation of baccarat both on land-based and online sites.

Baccarat variations that you would play

Several of the variations that the game of baccarat can have are:

1. 3 Card Baccarat

  • While playing like a traditional 3 card baccarat but instead of giving zero value to face cards, in this version hand having 3 face cards wins.
  • Even if it is a tie, more face cards can make you the winner of the game.

2. Punto Banco

  • This variation of baccarat is played in Australia, Canada, and the USA.
  • In this online variation, the software is the bank and other standard rules of the game apply.

This is also the most played game on online 바카라사이트. It lets the casino or the dealer handle the money and distribution cards while the players are only supposed to make bets. If played in a real-life situation, the game will have 3 dealers instead of one.

3. Baccarat Banque

  • Played in Europe, where the player can act as a banker if they win a bet against the banker in the opening round.
  • Hence, the game although played with traditional 3-card rules gives the option for auctioning as a banker in the future rounds.

4. Chemin De Fer

  • This one is the European version of American baccarat.
  • The dealings are in the hand of the players as the banker role keeps rotating among them.
  • If a player gets 5 on hand total, he also gets to take another card.

Even with the variations, the main rules pretty much remain the same with each version and switching is easy if you have played the traditional game multiple times before.