Leagues to play in to win big with fantasy cricket 

Cricket is a game of national pride in India, everyone, from the smallest child to the most aged adult loves the beautiful game. There is something about the beautiful game that holds everyone spellbound and glued to it. It is the same reason why there are a lot of Cricket betting sites willing to allow people to bet on fantasy cricket. 

Watching good old cricket is cool, shifting to fantasy cricket and getting the excitement even closer to home is better and that is why fantasy cricket and its leagues are special. It’s all shades of excitement and fun with no dull moments at all. 

All the Different fantasy cricket leagues you can be a part of 

Since Fantasy cricket does not essentially depend on the outcome of cricket games but the performance of your selected players during the game, there are also a lot of leagues that you can be a part of. These leagues are diverse and can give you the chance to earn more money. Here are some of the leagues: 

Medium Leagues

In this contest, the number of winners is higher than just one, and leagues can also play higher. However, winning the grand prize is very difficult as many players will fall on the middle prize.

With the abundance of leagues to choose from, you just have to pick one that works for you and get to it. While you are trying to get around to betting, you should create an account with www.J9.com   and start arranging your fantasy team. 


This is the most straightforward match in the fantasy league. There are only two players in this level, and only one wins the game. The winner will take all the money, and the loser gets nothing at all. If you are betting with any fantasy cricket bet sites, you should focus on this type of contest. The chances of winning are 50%, with the best odds on the table.

Winner Takes It All 

In this contest, there are more than two players but less than six. All the players can place their bets, but only one player will emerge as the winner, giving it the name ‘Winner takes all.’ At this level, the rewards are higher with lesser odds.

Grand League

This is where everybody tries their luck, and it can have many players all at once. The grand prize is relatively high due to the higher number of players. However, the chances of winning at this level are very slim. It would be best if you had to be the best at selecting your teams and a lucky day to win. 

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